• South West Think Tank Knocks N/Assembly, Insists On Restructuring

    The Southwest Think Tank, a group for the advancement of the Yoruba race has knocked the National Assembly over what it described as the attempt to sideline the report of the 2014 CONFAB through its Constitutional review process even as the group insist on the restructuring of the country along regional line. as the attempt to sideline the report of the 2014 CONFAB through its Constitutional review process, even as it insist on the restructuring of the country along regional line.

    In a statement issued by the group after its emergency meeting in Lagos on Thursday, the group registered that any attempt to circumvent the wishes of the people as contained in the report of the 2014 Constitutional conference by any guise will fail.

    The group submitted that every area that have been identified for restructuring in the nation polity have been duly addressed and solutions proffered by the CONFAB, adding that for Nigerians to live together in peace and harmony, the approach to solve the myriads of problems militating against the country must be comprehensive.

    According to the statement signed by Chief Femi Davies, the Publicity Secretary of the group, there is no alternative to the restructuring of the country, insisting that the only panacea for peace in the country is for the immediate adoption of a restructuring process along regional line.

    The group which commended the National Assembly for adopting Independent candidacy, local government autonomy and the scrapping of State Independent Electoral Commissions among others in its Constitution review process however said those amendments would have been more meaningful if they had come with other knotty issues like the state police, devolution of power which the CONFAB report has addressed.

    Commenting on the inability of the legislators to reach an accord on the devolution of power to states, SWETT submitted that devolving powers to the states would not have done the nation any good.
    According to the group, devolving power to the States would be counter productive, insisting that the development will promote division in the country as each state may take advantage of its independence to operate independent of the other, thus defeating the idea of oneness in the nation.

    ” Reversal to the texted and workable option of regionalism which has been proven to be effective before now in the country is the best immediate solution to the problems of the our dear country ” the group offered.

    It thus appealed to those it referred to as decision makers in the country to be ” more sincere in handling the delicate issue of restructuring of the country” submitting that with justice and equity, Nigerians can cohabit progressively.

  • Kaduna Declaration: Our Stand – SWETT

    We the South West Think Tank Group wish to draw the attention of Nigerians to the letter written by the Arewa Youth Consultative Forum to the acting President Professor Yemi Osinbajo. Our fear is that such intention may spell doom for the unity of Nigeria.

    The response of the governors forum to the letter is too weak and not in anyway an attempt to address the issues raised.

    Instead of making a blanket statement over such national security threat, the governors should have made attempts to identify the conflict areas and seek to redress them peacefully, they are rather playing god without any single suggestion on a way out of the present mess we find ourselves.

    According to Chief Femi Davies, SWETT as a group is totally in zinc with the position of the Southern Nigeria Youth Coalition on the need for restructuring.

    The letter from the Arewa Youth Consultative Forum is a mind game by the Northern people who are being clever by half, sidestepping the monumental damage they have done to the Nigerian project, while highlighting the so called sins of the IGBOS.

    It should be noted that the danger posed by Boko Haram and Fulani Herdsmen are far more devastating than the IGBO rhetoric.While the Federal security agencies displays hopelessness in tackling Boko Haram, other lesser challenges are promptly stacked with much effort and many innocent arrested and clamped into detention.

    We hereby state equivocally that since there is no way to separate an IJAW from IGBO,a YORUBA from EDO, who reside in the North,we take the quit notice as an affront on the entire people of Southern Nigeria.

    We are also disappointed that the Governors missed a golden opportunity to kick start the process of reclaiming our nationhood, by seriously reviewing the root causes of general discontent with the present arrangement.

    SWETT is of the opinion that our highest elected leaders should not just continue mouthing the worn out phrase of “un negotiable unity “without acknowledging that there are problems with the constitution we operate.

    The way forward is for the nation to restructure and a short cut to this is the re adoption of 1963 Constitution.The recommendations of the the last National Conference is a ready made book on how the States can develop at their own pace via regional integration and economic cooperation within the 6 Federating units.